White Marsh Homeschoolers

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Activities for the 2017-18 Academic Year

Some families choose to join WMHS and attend only occasional field trips and social events.  That's fine with us.  These families RSVP for the events that interest them as they see them posted on Facebook.  Other families enroll in our co-op classes and clubs and attend them regularly. 


WMHS Co-op classes: 

WMHS runs co-op classes for students aged 13 and up.  For more info about our co-op please visit our "Co-op Classes" page. 


WMHS hosts occasional workshops on various topics.   Some of the workshops will be educational, some will include an artistic endeavor, some are just for fun.   All of them are for teens age 13+.  About a month before the scheduled workshop, we'll post the details about the upcoming workshop and info about how to RSVP for it.  Sign up for the workshops you are interested in--there is no need to come to all of them (unless you really want to!)

Past workshops have included: Hands-on Science Labs, Painting and other Art Projects, Screen Printing, Etiquette and Social Communication, Computer and Tech workshops, Soldering workshop and MORE. 

Field Trips and Social Events:

We'll be posting info about those events on our Facebook group page. We usually post info about 4-6 weeks before each event.  

Past events have included:  Escape Room, Halloween Party and Live Action CLUE game, Mountain Adventures at Roundtop, Whispering Rise Farm and Animal Sanctuary, tour of the Baltimore County Crime Lab, BMore 3D printing, Agricultural Center for the Bees, Wolf Sanctuary, Hospital Lab Tour,  Visionary Arts Museum, Poe Evermore and MORE!  Flashlight Corn Maze, Sci Tech Science lab field trip, Forensics lab at the National Museum of Medicine and Health, Snow Tubing, Sandy Spring Adventure Park, River Tubing, Paddle boarding, Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Aquarium, Animal Behavior Lab at the Zoo, Mardi Gras Mystery Party and MORE!  

Teen Social Events

We host monthly Teen Meet Ups on weekend evenings, as well as other social events just for teen homeschoolers. Info about how to RSVP is posted on Facebook a few weeks before each event.